Electrifying On-Grid and Remote Microgrids with Reliable and Clean Power

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Renewables Integration

Bringing Smoothed Wind and Solar Power to the Grid

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Grid Ancillary Services

Fast Ramping, Continuous Power Support for Reliable & Efficient Power Grids

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The safe, sustainable energy‑storage powerhouse with up to 25 kW of industrial‑strength grunt.

UltraFlex: Designed and made by Ecoult, powered by the CSIRO-invented UltraBattery – revolutionising energy storage worldwide.

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Ecoult UltraFlex

Ecoult Megawatt Scale Energy Storage

We are passionate about energy storage. We believe energy storage
is now a prime determinant of how quickly society can shift from
its dependency on fossil fuels to more effective use of renewable resources.

Ecoult delivers battery energy storage solutions that improve energy reliability and efficiency. Our energy storage systems manage the variability of renewable energy, smooth power and shift energy in a safe, reliable and simple way. Our solutions are powered by UltraBattery® – a completely new class of advanced lead-acid battery technology.

Our goal: making energy available wherever – and whenever – it is needed.

Contact us today to discover why Ecoult’s energy storage solutions are fast becoming the number one choice for grid power storage, wind and solar farm renewable energy integration (renewables), and remote microgrids.

Why Battery Energy Storage?

A key challenge to how quickly renewable energy can be adopted is the management of WHEN. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy generation is restricted by WHEN: it suffers from intermittency and reliability issues. The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine WHEN you need power.

Electricity storage, or power storage, is the missing piece of the puzzle in the renewable energy cycle. Effective, efficient and economical storage of energy can make renewable energy dispatchable: that is making it available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Ecoult: Making a Difference in Power Storage

Ecoult intends to make a real difference in the transition to renewable energy-based consumption with our economical, safe, and environmentally sound energy storage solutions. In this endeavor we are backed by our parent, East Penn Manufacturing Company Inc. East Penn manufactures our breakthrough UltraBattery® in their state-of-the-art battery manufacturing facility at Lyon Station, Pennsylvania. Since 1946, East Penn has been producing energy storage batteries and battery accessories with utmost commitment to quality, safety, and recyclability.

Ecoult is targeting applications in which a relatively small amount of electricity storage has a big impact, such as controlling seconds to minutes of short-term power variability. In these situations, we can use the breakthrough capabilities of our UltraBattery® power storage to deliver solutions that make immediate and effective economic economic sense.

UltraBattery® Energy Storage can Reduce Reliance on Fossil Fuel

One example of an effective application of UltraBattery® energy storage is the displacement of peaking gas turbines. These fossil-fuel fired turbines are used to try to correct the continuously varying last per cent or two of the mismatch between supply and demand in real time on the grid. This is known as grid regulation services. The UltraBattery® energy storage is not only more accurate and faster at providing this service: it is also cheaper and cleaner. Our electrical energy storage solution can therefore effectively replace the inefficient use of fossil fuels.

Battery Energy Storage for Efficient Renewable Energy Use

Another example of the versatility of our UltraBattery® electrical energy storage system is controlling the ramp rate of wind and solar farms (or at nodes) before the output gets to the electricity grid. In this way, more renewables can be accommodated on a congested grid, with less curtailment of renewable output. In other words, UltraBattery® makes the reliable use of renewables more achievable, by offering an effective way of controlling the storage of energy.

UltraBattery® Power Storage: the Simple Solution

Our aim is to make the application of UltraBattery® energy storage solutions to control variability so simple and straightforward, that it becomes just one more tool in a utility network architect’s and engineer’s kit.

Ecoult already has a proven track record of successfully implementing and deploying UltraBattery® energy storage for power systems in several large megawatt-scale complete energy storage solutions. These include solar and wind smoothing, energy shifting and frequency regulation services, which we are supplying solutions for around the globe.