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UltraBattery®: The New Dimension in Lead-Acid Battery Technology

Hybrid Energy Storage

UltraBattery® is a completely new class of lead-acid technology: a hybrid, long-life lead-acid energy storage device containing both an ultracapacitor and a lead-acid battery in a common electrolyte.

New Lead-Acid Battery Technology - Ultrabattery from Ecoult

UltraBattery® operates very efficiently in continuous Partial State of Charge (PSoC) use without frequent overcharge maintenance cycles. It can be utilized to continually manage energy intermittencies, smooth power, and shift energy, using a band of charge that is neither totally full nor totally empty.

Overview of Lead-Acid Battery Market: Battery Storage from Ecoult

The breakthrough energy storage technology combines the advantages of the most tried and tested advanced rechargeable lead-acid battery technology with the advantages of an ultracapacitor. UltraBattery® enables an optimal balance of an energy-storing lead-acid battery with the quick charge acceptance, power discharge, and longevity of a capacitor.

High Efficiency and Cycle Endurance in Partial State of Charge Use

Standard valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries can form ‘hard’ lead sulphate deposits inside the negative plate when operated continuously in a Partial State of Charge (PSoC) regime, unless given frequent refresh overcharge cycles. The Ultracapacitor integrated in the UltraBattery® chemistry modifies the process associated with the formation and dissolving of sulphate crystals in the negative plate when charging and discharging. This enables the UltraBattery® to operate with high efficiency in Partial State of Charge use.

Combined with the cycling endurance of the technology, UltraBattery’s® high efficiency in a PSoC results in an ability to process a much greater amount of energy in the device’s usable lifetime – a significant multiple over standard VRLA battery technology. The ability of UltraBattery’s® to process more energy, more quickly and for longer than a VRLA battery is fundamental to the typical grid and renewables requirements for smoothing the variability and shifting of energy.

Lead-Acid Battery Capacity Over Time with PSoC Use

Lead-Acid Battery Comparison of Efficiency vs State of Charge

Proven Outperformance of UltraBattery®

With its high cycling life, high conversion efficiency and low operating costs, UltraBattery® offers an economical $/kWh solution for whole of life for continuous regulation services and intermittency control. As the new dimension in lead-acid battery technology, it is safe, recyclable and produces virtually zero emissions. UltraBattery® is the economic and environmentally sound alternative to conventional generation assets. The outperformance of UltraBattery® across a range of key performance parameters has been proven in multiple tests by Sandia National Laboratory, the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), CSIRO, Furukawa Battery, East Penn Manufacturing and Ecoult. UltraBattery® takes charges faster, lasts longer, and is more reliable in a string than any competing best-performing VRLA battery.

UltraBattery® is a Versatile Energy Storage Technology

Invented by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency, UltraBattery® is a flexible energy storage battery technology suitable for multiple uses: automotive (such as hybrid electric vehicles), motive and stationary (such as renewable energy) applications.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Economical $/kWh for whole of life
  • High cycling life
  • Safe and Robust
  • Volume Production
  • Environmentally sound and recyclable
  • High efficiency in Partial State of Charge use
  • Flexible charge/discharge power output
  • Excellent string behavior
  • Scalable
  • Reliable