Who we are

Ecoult is a registered brand of Xiamen Galaxy Camphol Technology Co., Ltd., a state-level high-tech company specializing in the new energy industry. It caters to energy storage, management of IoT solutions, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

Just imagine you had the chance to take your energy future into your own hands.

Home EV Charger

Are you looking for a stylish design and intelligent charging features? Ecoult might be the answer to your needs.

Commercial EV Charger

With a top-of-the-line full OCPP 1.6J, the Ecoult commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charger can easily connect to any 3rd party charging management system to help you have easy maintenance, monitoring, and operation.

DC Fast Charger

The DC fast charger is made for quick and convenient charging of all Electric Vehicles (EVs). It is an ultrafast charger upgradeable from an entry-level 60kW unit to 150kW without modifying the station itself.

Energy Storage System

Ecoult Harmony allows you to utilize the energy generated from your PV system entirely and automatically carries out peak shaving. It can also help prevent surging demand charges, helping users reduce electricity bills significantly.

Cloud Management System

Ecoult CCMS are cloud-based service management platform that permits operators to maximize their charging experience and energy management.