Head of Business Development & Product Management

ben shepherd

Ben has more than two decades’ experience in product design, development and solution delivery, as well as in sales, business development, relationship management and contract negotiation. Having led Ecoult’s Product Development team for four years, Ben has now taken on the challenge of building a sales and product management team to drive the presence of Ecoult’s UltraBattery in new applications and markets.

Ben is passionate about energy storage because he sees it as “the critical enabler both for the shift to renewables and for electrification for the rural poor in developing economies.” He adds, “I work for Ecoult because I want to be part of making both these things happen.”

Ben’s passion for energy storage arose as a result of undertaking academic research into the energy paucity experienced by the agrarian poor in developing countries. His research included field studies in Ethiopia, Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam.