Chief Executive Officer

john wood

John Wood is the Chief Operating Officer of Ecoult. He joined the energy storage community in 2008 having previously launched technologies globally in Security, Identity, Payment Technology, and Telecommunications. As a technology CEO for more than 20 years, John has had the good fortune to have worked with excellent individuals and led excellent teams that have created businesses and numerous successful products and solutions from the ground up that are used and trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises and governments, either directly or under license by many of the largest global technology enterprises.

John is leading the Ecoult effort to commercialize the UltraBattery® storage solutions. John’s vision for Ecoult is to be a significant contributor to the innovation and transformation process that will make energy storage simple and straightforward so that it becomes just one more tool in a utility network architect’s and engineer’s kit.

John and the executive team strive to create an environment that will support the development of a great team and that will encourage individuals to contribute their creative best with collective sustained focus toward meeting and exceeding stakeholder (and especially customer) expectations.