Founded in 1963, Dynapower is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of power conversion equipment. Its products are recognized for their quality, reliability, and value, serving hundreds of industries on every continent.

In 2011, Dynapower installed more than 400 MW of grid-connected systems to its growing 15,000-strong customer base.

Dynapower’s vertically integrated 150,000 sq. ft facility in Vermont, USA, is dedicated to providing the highest-quality equipment and service available, manufacturing a complete family of products including ULTRACAST epoxy cast coil, Oil Immersed and VPI transformers, battery formation, SCR, Switchmode and Chopper Rectifier Systems for a range of industrial and research applications.

Dynapower’s newest line of Bidirectional Power Conversion Systems (PCS) integrates the latest DSP-controlled grid-tied modular inverter technology with the industry’s leading storage technologies. Product sizes range from small 30 kW conversion systems for commercial and community scale installations through megawatt utility peak shaving, power quality, and grid support systems.

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