East Penn Manufacturing

Since 1946, East Penn Manufacturing (EPM) has been producing high-quality batteries and battery accessories for the commercial, industrial, automotive, marine, stationary, and specialty markets.

Facilities at its 520-acre single-site manufacturing complex in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, include four automotive battery plants, an industrial battery plant, a specialty battery plant, a state-of-the-art oxide facility, an innovative recycling infrastructure, and dozens of vertically integrated capabilities and other support facilities. An additional manufacturing facility in Corydon, Iowa, helps accommodate widespread growth. EPM also owns and operates a wire, cable, and battery accessory plant and a multiple-facility distribution center just miles away from its Lyon Station complex.

New high-tech facilities and computer monitoring and control systems have made EPM an industry leader in advanced battery manufacturing. The company’s quality manufacturing is recognized worldwide, and meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certification standards. EPM is also a leader in innovative recycling, and meets the environmental requirements of ISO 14001 certification standards.

Driven by a long-term management team, EPM is an independent company committed to the future and dedicated to assuring complete satisfaction, above and beyond industry standards, to its partners and customers worldwide.

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