Frequency Regulation & Grid Services

The balance of supply and load on a grid must be continuously maintained. If it is not, the frequency of the AC power supplied changes.

If a grid is underpowered, the frequency falls as large generators struggle to maintain supply. If it is overpowered, those generators speed up, frequency rises, and the excess energy is wasted if it can’t be stored.

UltraBattery allows the development of true multipurpose applications, where megawatt-scale stand-by/UPS battery systems can earn frequency regulation revenues 24/7.

Thanks to its revolutionary UltraBattery, Ecoult has pioneered frequency regulation and synthetic inertia battery systems in grids and microgrids.

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Microgrids, Telecommunications & Remote Diesel

Diesel will very likely remain part of our off-grid energy mix for a long time to come. Generators are convenient, reliable, and powerful – but there is no point feeding them more fossil fuel than they need. Tens of millions of liters of diesel are used every day worldwide in the telecommunications industry alone.

Small diesel generators sized for the highest peak load usually run inefficiently when delivering the site’s average load – that is, most of the time.

UltraBattery can typically make diesel generators operate more efficiently, with field results showing more than 50 percent diesel reduction on some sites.

Our battery products and algorithms have been field-proven. They deliver real savings on real-world commercial client sites around the globe.

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Renewable Integration & Weak Grids

Weak grids are typically found in remote and rural-fringe areas. But demographic changes, increased renewables use, and changing consumption patterns (e.g. air-conditioners and EV charging) can cause weak grid conditions almost anywhere.

Power quality and reliability can suffer during peak periods, and variability means that renewables can sometimes make a weak grid problem worse. Typical solutions involve infrastructure upgrades, and developers will be asked to contribute if a new development is more power-hungry than the one it replaced.

UltraBattery’s variability management provides a solution to weak grids and renewable integration. Increased renewables can become part of the solution, and a relatively small investment in storage – at either network or user level – can create savings and bring strength and dependability to a weak grid.

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Unlike most other batteries, UltraBattery offers true multipurpose capabilities. While running 24/7 in a power application it can simultaneously provide energy or stand-by capabilities.

Multipurpose batteries must have the capability to deliver both constant variability management (ad hoc charge and discharge) and continual deep discharge for UPS or stand-by modes. Even at the lowest point of ad-hoc charging, the battery must be robust and safe when called upon to “deep-dive”, when it may fall below its typical state of charge range.

UltraBattery combines the power, energy, and safety of the world’s best lead-acid batteries with the variability management of a high-powered carbon ultracapacitor.

It handles multiple applications because it’s more than just a battery. It’s UltraBattery.

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Our UltraBattery® solution covers every conceivable storage need – whether it is industrial, mining or agricultural. The benefits of the UltraBattery solution are very clear for our clients.

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