Our UltraBattery® solution covers every conceivable storage need – whether it is industrial, mining or agricultural. The benefits of the UltraBattery solution are very clear for our clients.

Our UltraBattery<sup>®</sup> solution covers every conceivable storage need

For commercial and small-scale industrial applications, we can supply multiple units nominally 70kW and 480V.

Our solution provides:

  • CSIRO-developed UltraBattery technology
  • Shifting of energy from high- to low-tariff periods, shaving of peaks to lower demand charges, and improvement of power quality
  • Backup for critical loads such as computers, servers and other equipment
  • High cycle life, efficiency and power (publicly tested by SANDIA and other world-leading laboratories)
  • 50° C temperature tolerance for hot environments
  • Easy installation with indoor and outdoor options
  • Australian-built engineering, software and hardware
  • Batteries developed, engineered and manufactured in the environmentally award-winning East Penn plant in the US
  • The world’s most sustainable closed-loop recyclable battery.

safe voltage


All UltraBattery products are fully flame retardant, comprise non-flammable components, and can provide high power at safe, extra-low voltages.

local support

Local Support

Trained installers are local to your site, and can log in from anywhere to check, diagnose, and respond remotely, or to schedule a visit.



Our systems are available to view and control from anywhere, with every battery individually monitored.

environment energy

Environmental Sustainability

We steward a truly sustainable, closed-loop technology that is helping to create a greener, lower-carbon energy system for the planet.