Frequency Regulation

Batteries perform better than traditional fossil fuels for grid regulation services – and with significant carbon dioxide reductions.

Ecoult has been providing frequency regulation using UltraBattery systems for several years on the PJM grid – the USA’s largest regional transmission organization. We have developed advanced control algorithms to manage the requirements of the grid operator.

Our batteries respond much fast than traditional gas generators, and of course they also store excess power, which gas generators will never do.

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Solar Smoothing and Shifting

UltraBattery performs solar smoothing and shifting at MW and kW scale every day. We installed the first on-grid smoothing plant in the US in the Solar Prosperity project, an ARRA-assisted installation undertaken with the US Department of Energy on the PNM grid in New Mexico.

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Wind Smoothing

Our first large-scale wind-smoothing installation was on Hampton Wind Farm near Sydney, Australia. There our containerized UltraBattery solution presented a smooth power signal to the grid from the variable output of the wind generators.

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Microgrid, Diesel and Telecommunications

Remote diesel stations around the world chew through tens of millions of liters of diesel per day, and are expensive and time consuming to refuel and service.

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UltraBattery is a true multipurpose battery.

As a power battery it can charge and discharge continuously in a partial state of charge (PSoC) – constantly meeting the critical power demands of a grid operator, wind or solar farm or microgrid.

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