Remote Telecommunications Base Station

(New South Wales, Australia)


Off-grid telecommunications sites need to operate 24/7 to maintain phone coverage in remote areas. They are generally difficult sites to access and service, and are typically powered by a combination of diesel and photovoltaic (PV) power. The diesel generator often runs at low output 24/7, since the PV provides a fluctuating signal that can’t be relied on for constant operation.

Remote telecommunications tower diesel savings

We’ve saved more than 50 percent of fuel use on remote sites by combining diesel power with UltraBattery power.

Client Challenge

Our client was facing significant refueling and servicing costs in this off-grid site. The low loading operation reduced the site’s fuel efficiency and created undue stress on the generator, requiring frequent visits by two technicians to refuel and carry out maintenance.

Solution Provided

Ecoult developed a control method to significantly reduce diesel operation, resulting in over 50% diesel savings as well as the follow-on benefits of reduced personnel visits and less frequent servicing. The diesel generator now runs at full rated output for short bursts, with excess power being used to charge the UltraFlex 48 V system. UltraBattery’s high charge acceptance allows extremely fast charge to maximize diesel efficiency. The payback period for the client from this solution was less than two years.

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