Small Commercial Peak Shaving and Solar Self-consumption

(New South Wales, Australia)


LJW Solar, a commercial client in Sydney, wanted to improve the power quality to their site, incorporate backup power, and improve their utilization of excess solar energy due to favorable time of use and low feed-in tariffs.

Ecoult UltraBattery

UltraBattery is one of the world’s smartest and most advanced batteries. It is racked and ready for solar, grid, diesel or anything else your site throws at it.

Client Challenge

Most of the site’s energy use was during commercial daylight hours. The workshop had PV installed in excess of the site’s average load, and whenever the PV generated exceeded demand, the system would export to the grid - but with very little payback, due to low feed-in tariffs of just a few cents per kWh. The area was also subject to brownouts without warning, causing unexpected short-term power outages that impacted the client’s ability to operate.

Solution Provided

An UltraFlex 48 V system containing sixteen 12 V UltraBattery monoblocs was installed to manage the site’s peak loads and to store PV for brief periods – essentially micro-balancing the load by shifting large, short power swings through the battery, trimming peaks from the grid profile and minimizing grid usage. The client is now able to import less energy from the grid and, during a once-in-a-decade storm that struck in May 2015, was able to ride out the associated blackout and control shutdowns by relying on the battery system.

LJW Solar UltraFlex