Commercial EV Charger

With a top-of-the-line full OCPP 1.6J, the Iocharger commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charger can easily connect to any 3rd party charging management system to help you have easy maintenance, monitoring, and operation.

Here is the list of various Iocharger commercial EV chargers:


IOCAP06C, or the Pedestal AC dual charger, is created for commercial use. It is the perfect charger for workplaces, public service, fleets, and the like. Every charging connector can have a maximum of 22kW power simultaneously, improving the efficiency of the charging station. It is even OCPP 1.6J & OCPP 2.0.1 compliant; thus, it is easily compatible with main-stream EV CCMS.

You can conveniently charge two electric cars simultaneously and dynamically balance the current between two connectors. It has an independent power input design that makes the charging connectors work separately without interfering with one another.

The IOCAP06C also takes pride in its high-resolution 7′ LCD. All helpful information is conveniently displayed on the 7-inch LCD screen, such as the real-time contents, prompt charging information, QR code, charging status, and the charger’s status. It can even play sounds/audios, pictures, texts, videos, etc. The high resolution of the LCD also guarantees that the viewers can see the display on the monitor even under direct sunshine.

2. IOCAW05

IOCAW05 is a reliable assistant for operating charging locations and is specifically invented for commercial charging. The high protection level and anti-theft layout make it excellent for outdoor charging, like on street corners, parking lots, gas stations, etc.

The 7-inch screen displays the status of the EV charger, charging status, QR code, quick charging, and other contents in real time. In addition, it also plays videos, pictures, texts, sounds, etc.

With its fully compliant OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0 profiles, you can connect it to almost all 3rd party OCPP CCMS for more convenient remote management and monitoring.

The load balancing feature of IOCAW05 makes it ideal for commercial usage. It guarantees that users can dynamically balance the available power at the charging station, such as solar or battery systems, and circuits so that it never overloads.

It also supports various payment methods, namely NFC payment, credit card, PayPal, or payment via the mobile application.