Ecoult Harmony allows you to utilize the energy generated from your PV system entirely and automatically carries out peak shaving. It can also help prevent surging demand charges, helping users reduce electricity bills significantly.

1. 200kWh with Hybrid Inverter Commercial Energy Storage System

It is an all-in-one commercial and industrial energy storage solution. It is Ecoult’s new generation of integrated high-performance battery systems developed to deliver a turn-key solution for business and utility. 

Every LiHub is standardized and designed with integrated long-cycle LFP batteries, intelligent BMS, high-performance PCS, an active safety system, and smart AC/DC power distribution system. 

It has an independent control to eliminate battery family circulation. It has four fire protection levels with

  • Pack-level aerosol fire extinguisher
  • Cluster-level temperature
  • Cell-level temperature
  • Smoke detection
  • Sensor
  • Cabinet-level heptafluoropropane fire extinguisher
  • Alarm system.

2. Harmony ESS: 5.12kWh 10.24kWh Home Energy Storage Battery

It is one of the ideal energy backups for your home. This charger can always store the energy from solar and grid networks for backup to guarantee power usage and save on electricity bills.

Harmony ESS is made to complement a combination of home styles. It has an auto-locking power cable connector and an ergonomic handle design. It is effortless to use since one man can do the installation.

It has a seamless connection and modular stacking of up to eight battery modules without additional accessories. 

Harmony ESS comes with LFP batteries inside and is the safest type of Lithium battery that can give you a long cycle life. It has 6 points of temperature detection, a built-in aerosol fire suppression module, a fireproof casing, and an intelligent BMS to secure your lifetime battery experience.

The battery status can be seen on the LED screen of the battery. With its charger application, the user can monitor the real-time home, battery, and solar energy utilization. Lastly, remote access allows one to control this battery system from anywhere.