What is the warranty time for electric management systems and chargers?

The hardware warranty is at least two years, while lifetime software support depends on the terms and conditions.

Can users personalize the CCMS and application?

Yes, the software is developed to be customizable. Iocharger solutions were made considering that the network management features must be customizable to ensure that it meets the unique needs of different business models, customer interaction objectives, and parking characteristics. Examples comprise but are not limited to specialized billing, anti-loitering features, custom integration, application development, and fleet management.

How fast can one vehicle be fully charged?

The electric vehicle charging speed relies on numerous distinct factors that are:

1) Conditions

Conditions like the battery temperature may affect the charging speed of the electric vehicle or EV. A battery works at its best when the temperature is neither excessively high nor excessively low; that would be about 20 to 30 degrees. 

In winter, a battery can get very cold. Thus, charging may slow down significantly. Contrarily, a battery may be too hot in the summer, charging slower.

2) Vehicle

The vehicle also determines the charging speed and depends on several aspects. With regular charging, the capability of the inverter or onboard charger is influential. Also, the charging speed depends on how full the battery is because a battery charges slower than usual when it gets full. 

3) Charger Type

The charging speed is expressed in kW or kilowatt and relies on the type of charger and available connection to the power grid.

Would a higher charging station output power mean faster-charging speed?

No, it does not. Due to the car battery’s limited power, when the DC charger’s output power arrives at a specific upper limit, the enormous power does not bring a faster-charging speed.

What is the slogan of Iocharger?

Iocharger’s slogan is the “Internet of charger and sustainable energy”.