Are you looking for a stylish design and intelligent charging features? Ecoult might be the answer to your needs. It offers products that are easy to install, such as its charger, which lets you add smart services and manage your home Electric Vehicle (EV) charger from a remote location.

Below is the list of various Ecoult home EV chargers you can choose from:

1. IOCAH-10-N

IOCAH-10-N is a safe and simple go-to EV charger for your home. Any EV driver can quickly recharge their car battery by plugging the charging gun.

Make your life safer and more accessible with the IOCAH-10-N charger. It is simple but a very functional electric vehicle charger. One does not need to think about complicated configuration or installation and can always rely on this product.

It supports dynamic load balancing to protect the local grid network from overloading and guarantees the most efficient use of available power between EV Chargers and other home devices.

2. IOCAH10

The IOCAH10 offers a high-quality, affordable EV charging station developed to deliver full Mode 3 fast charging to any EV in the United States. It assures compatibility with almost all the electric vehicles on the market.

Its unique installation design makes installing and maintaining the charging infrastructure easier. The user has to hang the charger on the backplate to complete the installation, making it convenient and fast, which avoids expensive installation costs. Created with scalability in mind, it lets you connect various charging stations and manage an unlimited number of chargers on the same operator in CCMS.

3. IOCAH15

IOCAH15 is the perfect choice for home charging with a compact design yet powerful and smart system. There are multiple functions available on the IOC Lite App that helps in managing charging schedules, load balancing, and energy sources from solar and battery.

IOCAH15 has incorporated the latest Bluetooth technology to maximize user experience in challenging environments like apartments, underground parking spaces, offices, etc. The mobile app will work smoothly with or without an internet connection.