The 48 V UltraFlex energy storage solution is a tough and efficient battery system designed for high-rate work, diverse loads and multipurpose applications.

That means it’s made for agriculture.

The batteries can be charged either slowly or super-fast, either with a generator or with PV/renewables. They can then give back that energy when it’s needed and at high rates – around 20 kW continuous per individual UltraFlex, or more in parallel – providing a real kick for start-up currents and high-power loads.

This secure, high-efficiency power source can save you 50% on fuel costs when paired with a genset, and much more when paired with a genset and renewables.

UltraFlex is a true multipurpose system, happily running vastly different applications simultaneously.

UltraFlex is made for agriculture

High power, remote monitoring and smart diesel management make Ecoult’s products perfect for agricultural applications.

Remote Monitoring

UltraFlex assures high-quality power when it’s needed. It’s also fully monitored, so a quick check online from anywhere, anytime, will show you how much energy it has in reserve. No guesswork, and no trip to the field required. Because at Ecoult we understand that on the farm, even one unscheduled trip can mean half a day lost.

UltraFlex’s remote monitoring system gives you insight not just into the battery system itself but into the entire power system. You’ll be alerted within minutes of any generator failure with a text message sent by UltraFlex from the field.

Get More from a Weak Grid

UltraFlex is not just a saviour off-grid.

Rural grids in particular often suffer from weakness issues, resulting in outages and losses. But anyone who has requested a quote for a new grid powerline has probably learned instead just to put up with the problem.

Well you no longer need to. Because UltraFlex can make a weak grid strong.

The UltraBattery® Factor

UltraFlex is powered by UltraBattery®, which is a constant-use battery – no float charging required.

It’s a safe and dependable hybrid of world-class carbon ultracapacitor and lead-acid technology – making it unlike any lead-acid battery you know.

Invented by Australia’s CSIRO, UltraBattery has the safety, low-voltage operation and pure grunt of world-leading DEKA-branded lead-acid batteries, with the strength of a carbon ultracapacitor in every cell. So it cycles and handles high power like nothing else.