Data center standby batteries are a multibillion-dollar business. They also bring multiple gigawatt hours of storage onto the grid.

Making data center storage revenue positive

Ecoult’s technology is UltraBattery – the high-performing lead-acid and ultracapacitor hybrid invented by Australia’s CSIRO.

UltraBattery can perform the exact functions of a traditional data-center or backup battery while simultaneously offering constant fast charge and discharge to the grid operator – a lucrative market in some jurisdictions.

Data center storage

The day the world’s super-sized stationary battery banks become active grid participants, everything changes.

Unlocking the largest battery application in the world

Many thousands of megawatt hours of storage are already wired into the grid in the form of lead-acid backup. But this storage is not currently available for the kind of cycling that would allow smoothing of renewables and regulation of grid frequency, because it is almost exclusively made up of batteries that sit on full charge – “on float” – with infrequent, high-power emergency discharge.

Ecoult is currently installing one of the very first battery-powered frequency regulation services within an infrastructure backup application.

This US-based application on Pennsylvania’s PJM grid is the next step in transforming the largest chemical storage asset on the planet into a dynamic enabler of low-carbon technologies.

UltraBattery. The power to transform the grid.