A goal for many homeowners today is to maximize their self-consumption of solar energy generated on their rooftop. But low feed-in tariffs and mismatches between solar peaks and usage peaks make this a difficult proposition.

ultrapod residential 1440w

Maximize PV self-consumption and control your energy use.

Ecoult has designed a 48 V UltraBattery powerpack called UltraPod specifically for domestic use. Its nominal 5 kW peak is generous even for a large household, and its 5 kWh nominal energy output is ample for typical overnight loads. (For larger houses, or for groups of houses, UltraPod’s stronger cousin, UltraFlex, can step in armed with 17 kWh and up to 20 kW.)

The fast-charging UltraBattery allows either unit to be paired with a large domestic photovoltaic (PV) array and capture maximum daylight energy.