UltraBattery is a pioneering high-rate partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) battery that can perform in both continuous PSoC applications, such as all forms of variability management, and traditional uninterruptable power supply (UPS), stand-by and deep cycling applications more typically undertaken by grid-scale lead-acid batteries.

The robust and temperature-tolerant technology is second to none in powerful high-rate cycling and variability management on both kW and MW scales, and provides near-continuous power smoothing on MW scales in grids around the world.

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High-powered grid services make extraordinary demands on a battery. Nothing takes them on like the robust and powerful UltraBattery.

Our Utility-scale Projects

Utility and grid clients across the globe have installed UltraBattery for a diverse range of applications, including the following.

  • UltraBattery performs frequency regulation at a 3 MW site in Pennsylvania, as part of the USA’s largest regional transmission organization (RTO).
  • UltraBattery smooths the photovoltaic (PV) output from a 500 kW New Mexico PV farm, as part of the PNM Prosperity Energy Storage Project.
  • UltraBattery provides a large Pennsylvania utility client with MW-scale standby power while earning revenue by providing frequency regulation services 24/7 to the grid operator.
  • UltraBattery provides synthetic inertia in a smart grid project in Dublin, Ireland.
  • UltraBattery provides MW-scale stand-by power and variability management to a renewable/diesel microgrid for a remote Australian island with a population of more than 1000.

Our clients regularly commission MW- and kW-scale projects using UltraBattery, resulting in significant fossil fuel and infrastructure savings.

What we Offer Utilities

We offer utility companies a range of outstanding products that can be installed in homes, businesses, industry settings or directly on the grid, to create a network more responsive to fluctuation and better able to manage variability from renewable sources.

Building developers have commissioned us to design systems that reduce their buildings’ peak power consumption, enabling them to operate within the power levels offered by an existing grid and avoiding costly infrastructure upgrades.

Our kW-scale projects allow small commercial and industrial clients to participate in demand-management schemes, to smooth distribution-scale renewables and to significantly bolster weak grids more cost effectively than could be achieved through network infrastructure upgrades.

Our Application Knowledge

Ecoult is owned by East Penn Manufacturing, which installs some of the world’s most robust and respected grid-scale stand-by battery projects.

As one of North America’s leading manufacturers of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) reserve-power batteries, East Penn has been providing reliable and innovative back-up power solutions to meet the needs of telecommunications operators, data centers, renewable energy providers and other industries where uninterrupted power is essential for more than 65 years.