As the world grapples with the challenge of providing reliable, cost effective and clean power to every person on the planet, a Sydney based company is set to revolutionise the energy sector and bolster renewables.

Ecoult brings the CSIRO-developed UItraBattery®, a supercharged lead battery hybrid, to the world in a whole-of-system storage solution for the energy sector and beyond, and today launches its medium-scale solution.

UltraBattery’s many applications range from energy solutions for complex and large-scale grid systems, to home-based systems that harness and optimise a mix of traditional and renewable energy sources including solar, hydro and wind.

“Lead batteries have been used widely since the 1800s, but UItraBattery completely changes the lead paradigm,” Mr John Wood, CEO at Ecoult, said.

“Lead chemistry really is the giant hiding in plain sight in the search for energy storage resources to support the integration of higher proportions of renewables in a whole of system approach.”

“The lead battery is by far the world’s most ubiquitous energy storage chemistry. UltraBattery is the missing piece that allows lead to excel in applications that require continuous high-rate cycling, and unlock the potential of all that energy storage,” Mr Wood explained.

“It’s an advanced, environmentally sustainable, safe and cost effective industrial-strength hybrid lead battery and ultracapacitor housed in a single cell with a common electrolyte.”

“We’ve already proven UltraBattery in selected large scale megawatt installations in Australia and the US, and are now proud to make UltraBattery solutions generally available on a smaller scale. Today, we launch UltraFlex, our 25 kW medium-scale industrial, agricultural, off-grid and business solution,” Mr Wood said.

“UltraFlex will help revolutionise the way organisations around the world manage and optimise the mix of energy they use through capturing, storing and releasing power symmetrically and quickly.

This will enable them to integrate renewable energy and increase the reliability of grid systems and the efficiency of diesel generators for applications in the telecommunications, health, agriculture and tourism sectors,” Mr Wood added.

“We’ve already partnered with several businesses in Australia who have seen wonderful results in cost savings, reduced fuel consumption, renewable self-consumption, reliability and emissions reductions.

“We worked with the off-grid CedarVale Health Retreat in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, who have achieved close to zero diesel usage and close to 100% power from onsite solar and micro-hydro thanks to their impressive use of renewables and the power management provided by a single UltraFlex,” Mr Wood explained.

“We see broad scale adoption of UltraBattery for the support of grid and renewable applications across kW and MW scales,” he said. “We’ll soon launch a new residential UltraBattery product into the Australian market and announce a new megawatt scale partnership.”

“The end goal is to provide cost-effective storage to smooth and supplement clean but intermittent renewable energy generation around the world, and improve the quality of power produced,” Mr Wood concluded.

UltraFlex is being featured today at the All Energy Conference in Melbourne and will be available for sale through Ecoult and selected resellers.

UltraFlex takes lead where it has never gone before:

  • extended longevity in partial-state-of-charge
  • symmetric high-rate charge and discharge
  • extremely high efficiency

UltraFlex is ideal for:

  • smoothing industrial and agricultural loads
  • optimising generator efficiency
  • integrating intermittent renewable generation

Monitoring and control

Every Ecoult product is monitored to individual battery level and is available anywhere anytime via web browsers and mobile devises. Our monitoring allows for dependable and reliable supply, plus historical usage, and configurable email or SMS alerts.

Powerful, safe and environmentally sustainable


  • cycles longer, outlasts and charges faster than most competitors
  • has a great safety record
  • is recyclable – in fact lead batteries are the most successfully recycled product on the planet, with an impressive 98% of used lead batteries recycled, compared to less than 20% of lithium-ion batteries. And where most battery types go to landfill or are ground into low-grade industrial sludge, used lead batteries are 96% reformed into new lead batteries.

About Ecoult

Ecoult delivers complete energy storage solutions and modules powered by the breakthrough UltraBattery technology – a hybrid lead energy storage device containing both an Ultracapacitor and a battery in a common electrolyte.

Ecoult’s storage solutions manage intermittencies, smooth power and shift energy in a safe, reliable and environmentally sound way – the energy storage of choice for grid ancillary services, wind and solar farms, remote microgrids, dual purpose and diesel microgrid efficiency applications. Ecoult is a subsidiary of US-based battery manufacturer East Penn Manufacturing, Inc.

Find out about UltraFlex and Ecoult’s revolutionary whole-of-system energy storage solutions at

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The Giant hiding in Plain Sight – and its dual purpose

Lead batteries have been around since the mid-1800s and are the oldest type of rechargeable batteries.

They are used prolifically in a number of applications including automotives, as backup power solutions for mobile phone towers and datacentres, high-availability settings like hospitals, and stand-alone power systems, such as remote communities, mines and tourist retreats.

However, until now lead batteries have been considered old news rather than the go-to for high-performance technology needed in the new generation of energy storage applications for grid, renewable, and micro grid support.

The UltraBattery® breakthrough by CSIRO researchers led by Dr Lan Lam changed everything. It advanced the world’s most prevalent energy storage chemistry (lead) for use in applications that need high rate charge acceptance and long life cycling in regimes where the battery is continually active in a partial state of charge.

Power-continuity in the world’s largest datacentres and telecommunication networks are assured by lead batteries.

These batteries ride through any power failure until a generating asset picks up the load. It is a huge power capability (28 GW in the USA alone) that is maintained by a mature and sustainable industry with enormous manufacturing capability.

UltraBattery offers the potential to unlock and adapt this existing capability to also contribute to the new applications of active energy storage in two ways.

Firstly, by harnessing the lead industry’s huge and environmentally sustainable manufacturing capability to support growth in adoption of UltraBattery.

Secondly, by adapting existing backup-only systems to provide a dual purpose: backup plus grid and renewable support.

Ecoult has substantial experience in MW scale active energy storage and is currently implementing its first large dual purpose site in the USA.

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