Shortly after the recent commissioning of Ecoult’s new lab in Sydney, the company recently played host to a visit by key players in the Indian power grid, organised by the Administrative Staff College of India and assisted by staff from the Sydney Consulate General of India.

India is undergoing an energy revolution as it modernises and expands its electricity grid in the most sustainable and cost-effective way, and India’s power-players are keen to learn all they can from the world’s experts in renewables and energy-storage.

The delegation, who were hosted for a site visit, presentation and technical tour of Ecoult’s energy storage lab, consisted of 27 members of various power grid players, including senior Power Finance Corporation (PFC) officials, senior members of various State Power Utilities and academics.

The delegation’s mission was to learn how grid-scale battery energy storage could be used to stabilise the power grid and reduce grid outages. Ecoult’s engineers presented to the group technical details of its CSIRO-invented UltraBattery technology, its recent operations within India and the company’s various grid-scale battery installations in Australia and the USA.

Several key benefits of UltraBattery were immediately apparent for the Indian grid market. Of paramount importance was the temperature tolerance of the UltraBattery chemistry, which can operate with minimal cooling and hence maximum efficiency in India’s climatic conditions. Secondly the field history and application suitability of UltraBattery to continuous high-rate, partial state of charge (PSoC) applications such as frequency regulation and renewable smoothing, was greatly appreciated by the Indian delegates.

Ecoult welcomes India's power grid players

Ecoult engineers Robert Stevenson (centre) and Joeri Baetens present details of Ecoult's solutions to the delegation of Indian power industry leaders at the company’s Sydney laboratory.

Local manufacturing afforded by Ecoult’s Indian manufacturing partner, Exide Industries, was also of particular interest, as was the fully sustainable life-cycle, using existing Indian facilities, of Ecoult’s completely recyclable battery technology.

In return the delegates provided valuable insights into the growth of the Indian grid and the nature of the problems being encountered that could be solved using innovative energy storage methods.

Ecoult would like to thank all members of the delegation and their accompanying family members, as well as the Administrative Staff College of India and the Sydney Consulate General of India for the unique opportunity to meet and discuss the day-to-day issues facing the Indian energy market with some of the country’s key decision makers. India and the USA rank equally as Ecoult’s most important foreign markets and we very much look forward to continuing to share knowledge and provide solutions for India’s sustainable growth.