Ecoult awarded grants of $1.425m from the NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water and $1.825 million under the Australian Federal Government Advanced Electricity Storage Technologies program to demonstrate a 1MW UltraBattery system located at the end of an 11 kV rural grid attached to a 660kW wind turbine at Hampton NSW. (Ecoult will be responsible for providing separate (independent) matched funding for both grants and will utilize CSIRO as a primary subcontractor.)

Ecoult to implement major Storage solution using UltraBattery to smooth electricity generated by Wind Energy

The capacity to store wind-generated energy using UltraBattery technology will be implemented and demonstrated at the Hampton Wind Farm in NSW.
The grant funding will also support development by CSIRO under subcontract to Ecoult of smoothing algorithm methods to maximise the impact of the UltraBattery storage capability.

Ecoult will apply its complete storage solution built to complement the Ultra Battery technology toward providing a solution to the challenge of variability in electricity supply from wind farms. The UltraBatteries will store and release a proportion of the wind-generated electricity in a manner that will smooth its voltage and power delivery to the grid connected transmission lines.

The Hampton Wind Project will be implemented in two phases with the first phase comparing the performance of UltraBattery against control Lead Acid Batteries using multiple small grid tied inverters and the second phase operating a MWh string of UltraBatteries with a MW scale PCS.