Frequency regulation services are necessary to provide fine tuning in real time for the network to match supply and demand toward keeping a constant frequency. Supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, East Penn Manufacturing through its subsidiary Ecoult, implemented an energy storage system using UltraBattery® technology, which provides 3 MW of continuous frequency regulation services to the grid of PJM Interconnection. This is the largest of 10 RTOs/ISOs in the US.

At the ESS Peer Review and Update Meeting 2012, Ecoult CEO John Wood will share insights into the successful delivery of the system, lessons learnt and next steps in the project to demonstrate the ability of the UltraBattery® energy storage system, to:

  • Enhance the reliability and efficiency of the grid
  • Displace fossil fuel generation methods in the provision of regulation services and to complement fossil fuel generation in the provision of other ancillary services
  • Help provide expanded capabilities for integration of renewable energy resources like wind and photovoltaic systems.

Ecoult’s presentation is part of the 10.10am session to be held on September 26 2012.

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