How Can Ecoult Overcome Challenges in Charging Load?

The power grid will often face significant challenges upon the rapid development of Electric Vehicle (EV) and EV charging tools. To meet the demand for charging and safeguard the power grid operation, Ecoult has launched its Dynamic Load Management solutions for both commercial and residential use.

What is Dynamic Load Management?

When discussing within the context of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, dynamic load management (DLM) is optimizing the property’s charging loads. It is done by ensuring the most efficient use of the power available between EV Chargers and other on-site appliances and protecting the local grid network from overloading without spending on costly construction work. 

What is Ecoult’s Dynamic Load Management Solution?

Ecoultprovides many levels of load management for commercial and residential consumption, which dynamically balances the power distribution to the charging stations through software or a smart OCPP gateway.

Benefits of Ecoult’s Dynamic Load Management

Among the benefits of Ecoult’s DLM is that it helps protect the local grid network from overloading whenever users use multiple chargers simultaneously. It also saves you from the unnecessary costs of grid upgrades. Then, it can provide you with real-time data on battery capacity, solar production, and energy usage. 

With Ecoult’s DLM, you can easily manage several charging modes like solar only, solar assist, and full speed. It is also environment-friendly and highly cost-effective to use in the long run.

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