Tens of kWs – UltraFlex

The king of versatility

UltraFlex excels wherever there’s a need for high power and sustained energy.

It’s big enough to be serious – punching out 20 kW – but sized for pallet-jack delivery and able to find a spot on most sites.

Paired with a diesel generator, UltraFlex saves fuel. It charges and discharges quickly and continuously. The generator either doesn’t run at all, or runs beautifully at peak rated output. It can be given predictable operating conditions and decoupled from the load while the battery handles all the vagaries and fluctuations.

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Custom & Large Solutions

Ecoult’s engineers are world leaders in the design and scaling of energy storage systems. We have developed island grids, renewable integration systems with solar, wind, and micro-hydro, and we lead the world in diesel efficiency systems.

Large UltraBattery systems operate all over the world, bringing the power, energy, safety, and sustainability of lead-acid batteries and the continuous cycling power of a carbon ultracapacitor together in a single technology.

UltraBattery’s performance equals or exceeds that of any high-power, variability-management battery ever produced – and to top it off, it’s 96 percent recyclable back into new batteries (with the remaining 4 percent being reused for agricultural and industrial purposes).

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Product Overview

Ecoult creates UltraBattery solutions that cover all energy storage applications. From the 5 kW domestic UltraPod to megawatt-scale, industrial and grid storage products, there’s an UltraBattery system sized for your needs.

All of our products have the unique qualities of UltraBattery: long life, low maintenance, fast cycling, variability management, safety, and true closed-cycle manufacture. And whether you store and manage energy at home, on the farm or in a large factory, every battery is remotely monitored, so you can log in from anywhere.

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