Ecoult custom and large solutions

Ecoult’s engineers are world leaders in the design and scaling of energy storage systems. We have developed island grids, renewable integration systems with PV, wind and micro-hydro, and we lead the world in diesel efficiency systems.

Large UltraBattery systems operate all over the world, bringing the power, energy, safety and sustainability of lead-acid batteries and the continuous cycling of a powerful ultracapacitor together in a single technology that is the equal of any cycling battery ever produced.

DEKA: the quality choice

Our parent company and manufacturing base, East Penn Manufacturing in the US, is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers and suppliers. It owns and operates the largest single-campus battery plant in the world, and is the manufacturer behind the DEKA brand, which is globally synonymous with quality.



UltraBattery is made under the high-quality DEKA brand at one of the most advanced and environmentally sustainable battery manufacturing plants in the world, and is quality assured under ISO9001 and ISO/TS 16949.


Trusted Products, Trusted Service

Our parent company is East Penn Manufacturing, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted battery manufacturers. We provide honest service and build long-term relationships with our partners and customers.

environment energy

Environmental Sustainability

We steward a truly sustainable, closed-loop technology that is helping to create a greener, lower-carbon energy system for the planet.

Sustainability and trust

The East Penn Manufacturing site is among the world’s most environmentally sustainable manufacturing plants, with a history of intelligent recycling, reuse and environmental stewardship.

East Penn is the trusted name in large battery solutions, and provides outstanding energy-storage services to some of the biggest and most exacting corporations on the planet.