Ecoult UltraRax

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Serious, industrial, grid-scale storage

UltraRax is a MW-scale system designed for fully assembled delivery to industrial sites.

It has the same fast cycling power as smaller UltraBattery systems but it is ready for high-voltage, grid-connected, dual-purpose work.

The critical infrastructure backup provided by lead-acid standby batteries is now available with a cycling system that enables other revenue-generating activities while remaining ready to provide ride-through in the case of a grid event.

Like all high quality lead-acid cells UltraBattery is long lasting and highly sustainable, and offers a low lifetime energy cost.

A genuinely multipurpose solution

Multipurposing allows customers to put their battery assets to work earning revenue. It also gives today’s grid the flexible, distributed storage infrastructure that has long been envisaged as the basis of the future grid.

Ecoult has developed some of the most effective dual-purposing energy-storage technology and business models available. We are currently overseeing the revolutionary installation of dual-purpose, MW-scale energy storage on several client sites.