UltraPod prerelease


Safe, strong and powerful. Full of energy, calm, intelligent, controlled and extremely environmentally aware. Dependable, with chiseled features, good looks and charm. Loves domestic work. Looking for long-term commitment.

Designed to maximize PV self-consumption, UltraPod has the grunt to handle the maximum power draw required by an average household at peak times as well as the average night-time domestic load.

Currently in limited release as a prototype, the UltraPod is the little brother to our UltraFlex. It’s pre-production, but coming soon!

Maximum self-consumption of PV

Working in conjunction with PV and the grid, UltraPod can move the energy stored at the midday solar peak to take domestic loads in the evening. This takes the pressure off the grid and can avoid the highest grid charges.

Like all our energy storage solutions, it’s powered by UltraBattery – world famous for reliability, dependability, longevity and environmental sustainability.

Better and more sustainable

We believe UltraPod is the best domestic energy storage device on the market, with the capability to provide an average overnight load night after night, year after year.

Like all of our products, UltraPod is monitored, affordable, robust, safe and fully sustainable.

energy expense

Low Cost, High Energy

Our products maximize energy efficiency and availability while minimizing costs.



Our systems are available to view and control from anywhere, with every battery individually monitored.

environment energy

Environmental Sustainability

We steward a truly sustainable, closed-loop technology that is helping to create a greener, lower-carbon energy system for the planet.