Now is the perfect time for electrification or switching to electric vehicles. Waiting to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on your business location or property means missing out on the possible EV charging incentives like rebates and tax credits and the many economic benefits EV charging stations offer. The EV market has indeed grown at a rapid pace and is still doing so.

Ecoult is your ultimate commercial Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution you would not want to miss. It offers a complete EV charging solution for public EV charging, from its commercial AC and DC chargers to its commercial CCMS and user-friendly applications. Our chargers are compatible with almost all EV models and are truly easy to connect to other OCPP-based platforms.

A Promising Dynamic Load Balancing Management

Ecoult’s dynamic load balancing solution significantly helps the available current to be distributed automatically among all public chargers. All Electric Vehicles (EVs) can now make the charging experience fun, eradicating the fear of a blackout. 

Multiple payment platforms are supported by Ecoult. It truly meets the diverse payment needs of different EV drivers, which consequently makes EV operators optimize their profits.

Compatibility With the Solar Energy Storage System

Solar energy, regarded as the cleanest energy, is our environment’s future. With Ecoult’s latest energy storage solution and superb products, EV Operators can quickly reach their profit goals, especially if they desire to incorporate a photovoltaic energy storage system into their public EV charging systems. Ecoult has been designing environment-friendly and profitable energy storage systems and currently venturing into photovoltaics.