Engineering Services

Ecoult’s engineers have designed and installed some of the world’s most innovative energy storage systems for both kilowatt- and megawatt-scale applications, all using the CSIRO-invented UltraBattery®.

They regularly develop systems that perform in exciting new and emerging applications, including frequency regulation, smoothing, demand response, peak shaving, UPS/ride-through, and multipurpose roles – as well as the monitoring and communication systems that support them.

From domestic through to megawatt-scale projects, both on and off the grid, they’ve taken the world’s best battery and proven its performance in the toughest and most demanding of situations.

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Support Services

Our commitment to our customers is built on the values of our parent company, East Penn Manufacturing (EPM), the largest single-site manufacturer of lead-acid batteries in the world.

EPM is family-owned and has been supplying the highest-quality batteries for more than 70 years. Its many loyal customers rely on EPM’s DEKA brand of batteries for their exceptional quality, proven reliability, and superior value.

Our megawatt-scale UltraBattery® systems are supported by trained local service teams, who provide scheduled and responsive maintenance under an agreed service model. For our kilowatt-scale installations we train and work with channel installers and technicians.

UltraBattery is a uniquely robust and low-maintenance technology comprising a carbon ultracapacitor combined with a high-quality lead-acid battery, both sealed within a single unit. All our UltraBattery products are fully monitored, and their real-time and historical performance can be viewed and controlled over the web, reducing the need for site visits.

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