Ecoult’s engineers have designed and installed some of the world’s most innovative energy storage solutions using the CSIRO-invented UltraBattery® for both kilowatt- and megawatt-scale applications.

Ecoult engineering services

Ecoult’s engineers are leaders in system design for industrial-scale energy storage projects.

We create systems that perform in new and emerging applications including:

  • Frequency regulation
  • Smoothing
  • Demand response
  • Peak shaving
  • UPS/Ride-through
  • Multipurpose applications.

Some of these applications didn’t exist before Ecoult pioneered them.

Megawatt-scale Systems

Our containerized UltraRax system is designed for straightforward installation into grid-connected sites or large-scale microgrids.

However, all large-scale energy storage systems require a degree of customization. Ecoult’s engineering team is experienced at designing battery storage, control, and power systems for megawatt-scale sites for applications including:

  • Grid frequency regulation (e.g. PJM grid in Pennsylvania, USA)
  • Grid-scale renewable smoothing (e.g. PNM grid in New Mexico, USA)
  • Microgrid renewable/diesel support (e.g. King Island, Australia)
  • Dual-purpose grid services and stand-by batteries (e.g. PJM grid, Pennsylvania USA)

Kilowatt-scale Systems

Ecoult’s kilowatt-scale product range allows us to provide storage for commercial applications of any size, starting at 20 kW with our UltraFlex solution. Multiples of the 20 kW unit can be used together to create larger systems in one- and three-phase configuration.

At 70 kW, our larger UltraMax is perfect for small grid or microgrid projects, such as the synthetic inertia system we designed for the Tallaght Smart Grid Testbed in Dublin, Ireland, which is operated by MEGA, the Micro Electricity Generation Association of Ireland.

Our engineering design team can assist with storage options for projects of any size.

Talk to us. Let Ecoult introduce your business to the future of energy storage.