Systems Project Manager
sean jobe

Sean has had an extensive career in business development and project management. With Master’s degrees in both electrical engineering and international business from California Polytechnic State University, he loves to work on both the technical development and commercial delivery sides of Ecoult’s products and projects.

Having joined Ecoult as Business Development Manager in 2012, Sean established and grew the UltraFlex sales channel while also championing Ecoult’s UltraBattery for MW-scale systems in Australia and internationally. To his current role as Systems Project Manager he brings market experience, technical capability and a customer-centric approach to guide and focus the delivery of our cutting-edge battery systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility markets.

Sean’s vision is to transform the way people consume and distribute energy by making Ecoult’s energy storage solutions the most trusted and reliable systems available. He says, “All the technology we need to build a sustainable energy infrastructure is out there today. We only need to work together and package the various technologies so they are modular, and therefore easily connected and integrated, to form the complete solution. It won’t be easy – but easy is not as fun!”