At Ecoult we believe in “energy storage for a cleaner planet”. We see the Deka® UltraBattery® as an enabler of CO2 reduction that can uncouple power generation from fossil fuels and bring clean electricity to those unable to access reliable grid power.

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Our vision: energy storage for a cleaner planet.

We believe energy storage can significantly improve energy efficiency and increase the potential for renewable energy penetration across the spectrum of human energy use.

With reliable storage, renewable energy generation can be smoothed and become dispatchable. The grid can be stabilized and sized much closer to its average rather than its peak load. Blackouts can be avoided and energy can be democratized, so that remote users and those in emerging economies can enjoy the health and education benefits of a reliable electricity supply using renewable sources and stored reserves.

To realize this vision we understand that energy storage must be safe and recyclable, efficient, easy to use, and economic across multiple applications and in a range of sizes.

We design energy storage products that fit seamlessly into existing power systems and enhance existing technologies to reduce carbon-intensive elements and improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Our solutions are also fully sustainable. While many battery types still end up in landfill, ours is fully recyclable. An incredible 96% of every battery – including all the metal – goes to make a new battery. The other 4% has agricultural and industrial uses. It’s a closed loop that solves a major problem without creating a new one.

Where we can’t replace fossil fuels, we make them more efficient. We’ve demonstrated time and again that we can cut diesel use on remote sites by more than 50 percent with no renewables, and by much more than that when renewables are included.

The telecommunications industry alone hosts millions of diesel generators around the world to enable us to contact anyone, anytime. We have proven that energy storage can transform these generators into back-up rather than baseload.

We work strategically and cooperatively with diesel manufacturers, power system designers, and remote customers to help minimize system costs, operating costs and CO2 outputs.

At Ecoult, we don’t just believe in the transformative power of energy storage: we make it happen.