Selectronic is a leading Australian supplier of advanced multimode inverters.

Leaning on its 50+ years of experience, the company builds flexible inverters for both off-grid and grid-tied applications, with the unique advantage of having an islanding inverter that allows them to maximize PV self-consumption and continue working through on battery and PV supply when their grid connection is lost.

Ecoult’s Ecoult UltraFlex integrates easily with Selectronic’s SP PRO and, combined, they form the heart of an energy storage system.
The SP PRO is also perfectly suited to our many off-grid projects where complex balancing between renewables, diesel and Deka® UltraBattery® is required.

Ecoult has installed Deka UltraBattery with Selectronic’s SP PRO in remote off-grid telecom sites and grid-connected commercial premises, and we are excited to be working with this world-class inverter specialist.

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