Luke Williams, Director, LJW Solar

"LJW Solar has been designing and building solar systems and enclosures for 40 years. We are very experienced with Battery storage systems. In our daily routine, we rely on reliable power and require frequent bursts of high power for welding and workshop equipment. Ecoult’s UltraFlex has allowed us to utilise our own PV to run our workshop with a technology we are comfortable with. We can work through grid outages and meet the highest power spikes without incurring capacity charges thanks to the 20 kW available from the one unit.

Thanks to the powerful Ecoult UltraFlex we avoid peak grid loads, get maximum use out of our PV energy, work through blackouts."

LJW Solar

LJW Solar Pty Ltd
T +61 2 9652 5000  |  M +61 414 666 101

LJW Solar uses Ecoult UltraFlex battery storage system

Danny Williams, Managing Director, Green Power Solutions

"Green Power Solutions provides off-grid temporary power solutions to the construction industry and has specialised in biofuel power generators and hybrid energy systems combining biofuel powered generators, solar and battery storage. Working with Ecoult and using their 20 KW Ecoult UltraFlex battery system has been a revelation to our company, by delivering power, monitoring, robustness and temperature tolerance required by our demanding applications complemented by unparalleled support from the Ecoult engineers has made the Ecoult UltraFlex our choice of battery storage systems."

Green Power Solutions

Green Power Solutions
T +61 3 9463 3000  |  M +61 417 978 426

John Ryan Knight, SunStore Australia

"I have chosen to use and recommend Ecoult’s UltraFlex batteries for all my off grid solar installations. As most of my installations are in remote areas I find the monitoring and backup of Ecoult’s engineering team very reassuring for myself and my customers.

As well as being a serious high-powered battery solution the environmental sustainability of the Ecoult UltraFlex was also an important factor in my choice of an energy storage system.

I would happily recommend Ecoult UltraFlex to anyone who requires trouble free, intelligent battery storage."

Sun Store Australia

SunStore Australia
M: +61 408 987 247
E: john@sunstoreaustralia.com.au

Ecoult UltraFlex battery storage system used by SunStore Australia

Glen Morris, SolarQuip

"Living and running a renewables business off the grid makes it crucial for me to have dependable, high-powered batteries that I can monitor through the web. The Ecoult UltraFlex has been a central part of my community microgrid, helping me keep my three-phase multi-kilowatt renewable system running smoothly, and the support I have received from Ecoult's engineers has been exemplary."

Ecoult UltraFlex training at SolarQuip

Stace Tzamtzidis, Regional Sales Manager, Schneider Electric

"Ecoult, Battery Storage Solutions successfully integrated their battery technology with the Schneider Electric inverter products, to achieve seamless operation between the two systems, resulting in a scalable and robust platform for on grid and off grid applications. The integration was only possible due to the efforts of the talented engineers at Ecoult and it was a pleasure to work with them."

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, Solar Business

Ecoult UltraBattery Storage Solutions successfully integrated their battery technology with the Schneider Electric inverter products