Commercial energy customers need to balance time-of-use tariffs with start-up loads, demand charges, air-conditioning loads and in some cases utility-imposed restrictions on PV use.

Smart systems

Ecoult has developed Deka® UltraBattery® systems and algorithms that combine:

  • PV with grid power
  • PV with diesel
  • PV with diesel and micro-hydro

as well as pure smoothing applications for PV and wind.

Whether your goal is peak shaving, maximum self-consumption of onsite renewables, smoothing or gaining revenue from standby batteries, the Deka UltraBattery will work for you.

Our commercial-scale units start with the 48 V Ecoult UltraFlex – at 20 kW it’s perfect for small or medium workshops or off-grid sites and can be landed onsite and paralleled in modular blocks to increase kilowatts and kilowatt hours available..

Commercial energy efficiency

A Deka UltraBattery system may reduce power peaks, mitigating demand charges and infrastructure upgrades.