The Deka® UltraBattery® has clear benefits for stationary defense applications. The technology is robust and its underlying lead chemistry has been understood and valued by electrical system designers for many decades.

Deka UltraBattery benefits

  • Deka UltraBattery maintains all the safety benefits of lead while providing continuous availability.
  • Charge and discharge rates are high, so maximum use can be made of excess PV or infrequent diesel starts.
  • Efficiency is significantly higher than traditional lead installations and at least equal to any competitor.
  • We have proven we can drop diesel use by better than 50%.
  • We put safety first in our design. Our technology can be configured in safe extra-low-voltage (SELV) strings and, unlike competing cycling chemistries, we use no flammable components or electrolytes.
Deka UltraBattery has clear benefits for stationary defense applications.

We stand for safety, efficiency, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.

Quality and sustainability

Our technology was developed in conjunction with CSIRO in Australia, and our manufacturing takes place in the USA at the highly respected and sustainable East Penn Manufacturing campus in Pennsylvania.