Getting the best from diesel-dependent locations

The mining, oil and gas industries are full of projects with high energy needs, far from the nearest transmission line.

Such projects exist firmly in diesel territory, and this is unlikely to change any time soon – diesel generators are highly evolved and provide by far the most reliable remote power available. But why feed them more fuel than necessary?

  • For every available unit of energy in fossil fuel, a diesel generator can liberate at best 30% of it to power your site. The rest goes up in heat and smoke.
  • When a diesel generator is not running at full output, its efficiency falls.
  • So when a generator is trying to play the role of power controller in a microgrid, that 30% can become just a few percent.

That’s where our systems do their best work. The Deka® UltraBattery® plays the role of variable generator. It stores up any available energy – whether from renewables or diesel – and returns it to the load at whatever rate the load demands.

variable generator - mining, oil and gas

We’re leaders in remote site applications with our efficient, robust, temperature-tolerant, super-advanced lead Deka UltraBattery.

High efficiency with smart algorithms

The Deka UltraBattery does this job at astoundingly high efficiencies – well above 90% even for high-rate work.
With the Deka UltraBattery on board, the diesel generator can be kept in one of two states: full output (at full efficiency and rated load) or completely off.

The diesel is used only to charge the battery – so it is decoupled from the load. And the diesel runs smoothly with low run hours, saving fuel, wear and tear and maintenance costs.

Look for our diesel case studies and see how our smart power-management algorithms make the Deka UltraBattery work on diesel sites.