We’re really excited about the environmental and cost savings we can make in the telecommunication world.

We all want to be able to make calls to anywhere, so telecommunications infrastructure has to be everywhere. And a lot of that infrastructure is off the grid.

Telecommunications remote sites

We’ve saved more than 50 percent of fuel use on remote sites by combining diesel power with Deka® UltraBattery® power.

Getting the best from diesel and renewables

Renewables, for all their many benefits, don’t allow you to turn off the diesel to your critical load. The diesel can run at low power while the sun shines, but low power means low efficiency.

The Deka UltraBattery’s strength – combined with our smarts – lets diesel work better and more efficiently. We’ve reduced off-grid telecom diesel use by more than 50% – even on sites with no renewables at all. Fuel use drops even further – up to 90% savings – when renewables are installed alongside the Deka UltraBattery .

Regardless of fluctuations in renewables and load, the Deka UltraBattery lets diesel run at its most efficient rated output – the way it was designed to.