Ecoult has commercialized the CSIRO-invented UltraBattery®, demonstrating its performance as a world leader in a wide range of applications. But we didn’t do it alone.

One organization in particular that has supported us is the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).
With funding from ARENA we developed and prototyped our kilowatt-scale UltraFlex product, and then developed efficient passive cooling systems for what was already a highly temperature-tolerant battery.

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We are taking our energy storage products, powered by the UltraBattery, into Europe with an installation in Dublin to integrate fast-response storage with the electricity grid.

Respected German specialist in renewable systems and power converter manufacturer, Freqcon, has selected Ecoult to provide battery storage for its Tallaght Smart Grid Testbed, which is operated by MEGA, the Irish Micro Electricity Generation Association. The system will show how a combination of energy storage and smart power electronics can minimize electricity distribution issues and grid instability in a micro grid.

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