East Penn Manufacturing and its subsidiary Ecoult is announcing the launch of the newest project in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Grid Storage Demonstration Program.

The PJM (Pennsylvania-Jersey-Maryland Interconnection) Regulation Services project in Lyon Station, PA, is powered by the ground-breaking UltraBattery® technology. It will provide 3 MW of continuous frequency regulation services to the grid of PJM Interconnection, the largest Regional Transmission Organization/Independent System Operator in the US. The new system will also be used for peak demand management services to the local utility, Met-Ed (a FirstEnergy Company).

Regulation services are necessary so that the grid can maintain a constant frequency, providing fine tuning in real time to match supply and demand. With renewable portfolio standards coming into effect, the large scale integration of intermittent wind and solar generation introduces more variability in power generation, resulting in an increasing need for regulation services.

East Penn Ecoult PJM Regulation Services Building InstallationEast Penn Ecoult PJM Regulation Services Building Installation

The fast-responding Deka UltraBattery® system is uniquely suited to meet the sudden frequency regulation and ramp rate control requirements of the modern electricity grid. Unlike gas turbines or coal generation plants, which may have a ramp response of between five and ten minutes, the fast-ramping UltraBattery® technology is able to release or absorb power within seconds with highest accuracy of performance without creating CO2 emissions.

The PJM demonstration project has been implemented in both a building and a containerized format to demonstrate the modularity and mobility of the storage solutions. It connects to the grid from inside the East Penn Manufacturing site in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania.