Ecoult UltraFlex Indoor

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The king of versatility

The Ecoult UltraFlex excels wherever there’s a need for high power and sustained energy.

It’s big enough to be serious – punching out 20 kW – but sized for pallet-jack delivery and able to find a spot on most sites.

Paired with a diesel generator, the Ecoult UltraFlex saves fuel. It charges and discharges quickly and continuously. The generator either doesn’t run at all, or runs beautifully at peak rated output. It can be given predictable operating conditions and decoupled from the load while the battery handles all the vagaries and fluctuations.

Self-contained and robust, the Ecoult UltraFlex can also be moved from site to site – it’s proven its worth by travelling from power-hungry building sites to music festivals that pump on, using the day’s solar energy long after sunset.

The Ecoult UltraFlex is fully and remotely monitored, so if you want to see how the site is running, just open your browser. Alerts are sent to you – and to us if necessary – to be acted on before they become problems.

Ecoult acknowledges the support and funding received from Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) under its “Emerging Renewables” and “Advancing Renewables” programs.

safe voltage


All Deka UltraBattery products are fully flame retardant, comprise non-flammable components, and can provide high power at safe, extra-low voltages.



Our systems are available to view and control from anywhere, with every battery individually monitored.

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Environmental Sustainability

We steward a truly sustainable, closed-loop technology that is helping to create a greener, lower-carbon energy system for the planet.

Power and Energy Data (4 x 48 V)

DC Energy1 17.4 kWh
Additional Reserve Capacity up to 8.5 kWh
Maximum Power 20 kW

1 At 77° F (25° C), when used at high power, voltage limits may be encountered before full capacity is realized.

Cabinet Specifications

Nominal Voltage 48 V
Assembly Weight 2293 lbs (1040 kg)
Indoor Ecoult UltraFlex
Dimensions (W x D x H)
43.3 in x 23.9 in x 78.1 in
(1100 mm x 606 mm x 1985 mm)

All data subject to change without notice.