Deka® UltraBattery®

World-leading energy storage.

The Deka UltraBattery is a hybrid device – a chemical combination of a lead battery and a carbon ultracapacitor – achieving higher-rate partial-state-of-charge (PSoC) operation with extended longevity and high efficiency.

Invented by Australia’s CSIRO, the Deka UltraBattery brings the dependability, safety and, sustainability of lead, the world’s most widely used battery chemistry, into the realm of PSoC applications.

Lead batteries have provided well over a century of power, energy, and reliability. The Deka UltraBattery transforms lead technology into a multi-application, world-leading, fast-cycling energy storage technology.

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Thermally Optimized Racking

Heating and cooling systems rob energy from any battery system, and can easily halve the system’s efficiency. Our already super-efficient battery systems use an innovative thermally optimized racking system to greatly reduce or even eliminate heating and cooling requirements.

The Ecoult UltraFlex comprises batteries racked with variable airflow gaps between them – tighter at the base and looser at the top where the stack is naturally warmer.

Our racking is designed to channel convection currents to passively draw airflow between the individual batteries and channel it through vents at the back of the rack. This optimizes airflow to increase convection cooling in hotter ambient conditions and reduce it in cooler conditions.

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Battery Management System

We pair every Deka UltraBattery with a monitor for life, which measures and stores that battery’s individual performance. This data is transmitted from the battery via a wireless (optically isolated) protocol to Ecoult’s system-control and monitoring systems.

Real-time individual battery and full system information is always available to you, wherever you are. Reports, alerts, and alarms can be sent via SMS or internet channels for instant access and fast response.

Our monitoring hardware and software continuously measure key parameters so that you or we (or your integrator) can view and manage your battery system and the trends affecting it.

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Sustainability & Recycling

What does sustainable mean? To us it means that all the material inside a battery should, at end of life, be made into a new battery.

Not many batteries have this quality. One brand of household batteries claims that about 4 percent of its mass can be collected and made into new batteries. Many commercially available batteries reuse even less, with many reusing nothing of the original battery’s raw materials at end of life.

With the Deka UltraBattery, we aim higher. Essentially, 100 percent of every one of our batteries is returned for recycling through our fully costed, closed-loop process. Once returned, 96 percent of each spent battery is reused to make new batteries. The remaining 4 percent is used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Next to nothing is wasted. Next to nothing reaches the environment.

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