Remote Monitoring of Every Battery, for Security and Performance

We pair every Deka® UltraBattery® with a monitor for life, which measures and stores that battery’s individual performance. This data is transmitted from the battery via an optical isolation protocol to Ecoult’s system control and monitoring systems.

This makes real-time individual battery and full system information always available to you, wherever you are. Reports, alerts and alarms can be sent via SMS or internet channels for instant access and fast response. Our monitoring hardware and software continuously measures key parameters so that you or we (or your integrator) can view and manage your battery system and the trends affecting it.

Deka UltraBattery monitoring

Our systems are available for monitoring and control whether you’re standing beside the system or on the other side of the world.



Our systems are available to view and control from anywhere, with every battery individually monitored.


Energy Availability

Availability of energy is maximized through constant high-rate partial-state-of-charge use, monitoring, dynamic string balancing and no-float charging.

local support

Local Support

Trained installers can log in from anywhere to check, diagnose, and respond remotely, or to schedule a visit.

Benefits of Ecoult’s Deka UltraBattery Monitoring

Key Features


Remote Access
Enables remote analysis of battery data to determine system performance and perform support and diagnosis without travelling to site

Minimizes travel and time on site for support

Battery Balancing
Achieves precise equalization between batteries

Maximizes longevity and performance of the entire battery system

Runtime Supervisor
Provides feedback on operation of the battery system to ensure the batteries are in an optimal state while avoiding detrimental zones of operation

Provides surety that your investment is being used for lowest total cost of ownership

Instantaneous Reserve
Maintains a minimum amount of total energy and runtime availability for a reserve event

During emergency events when power is down, system operators can manage the outage and minimize disruption knowing the minimum available runtime