With the rapid growth and popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs), more and more EV chargers are demanded in gas stations, public parking lots, workplaces, and the like. As a result, high energy demand levels must be made available to help economically and optimally integrate battery and solar energy.

Ecoult offers just the solution for you since it has its complete plethora of EV charging solutions for workplace charging, such as chargers, management systems, mobile apps, and many more. Their state-of-the-art electric chargers are compatible with all-electric vehicle models and easily connect to OCPP-based platforms.

Making Charging More Human and Intelligent

Ecoult offers dynamic and monitors load balance management. It can be easily remotely monitored and has a convenient reservation operation. Users seldom have an issue using Ecoult’s products and solutions; thus, they are a reputable brand to invest in.

It also has different VIP levels that provide several discounts to attract users and maintain customer loyalty among its network of clientele. One can enjoy their independent billing methods and market plan for sub-operations. It also has group management, which separates payment between private company vehicles.

You can also manage and monitor your EV chargers and vehicles on their powerful web page, which shows you almost all the necessary information. It takes pride in its multi-server secure system that can meet different needs in no time.

An Ecoult in the Workplace 

Keeping EV chargers in the workplace makes a company’s benefits package more engaging and can even entice top talents to remain in the organization. Having EV Chargers in your workplace can make commuting to work more accessible, cheaper, and environment-friendly. It is also efficient since it promotes sustainable development, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, boosts the company’s image, and saves people money. It is not just good for the environment but is very cost-effective in the long run.