Corporate Overview

Ecoult was established in 2007 by Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) as a vehicle to develop and commercialize UltraBattery,® the unique hybrid lead-acid battery and carbon ultracapacitor invented by CSIRO.

Ecoult is one of only two license holders of UltraBattery technology in the world, and commercializes UltraBattery products globally in all markets except Japan and Thailand. (In those two markets the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan is the license holder.)

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Ecoult energy storage solutions

Our Vision

To help address one of the world’s most pressing problems, we have developed one of the world’s most sustainable energy storage technologies.

Ecoult believes in ‘energy storage for a cleaner planet’. We view UltraBattery as an enabler of CO2 reduction that can uncouple power generation from fossil fuels and also bring clean electricity to those unable to access reliable grid power.

We believe energy storage can significantly improve energy efficiency and increase the potential for renewable penetration across the spectrum of human energy use.

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Ecoult vision

Ecoult’s Executive Team

Ecoult’s executive team brings together the company’s corporate, operations, business development, marketing, and technical leads, who together determine Ecoult’s strategic direction and prioritize projects and budgets across our various divisions.

Members of the executive team have in common a passion for efficient energy storage, power production, and renewable energy. Bringing to Ecoult their extensive experience in a wide range of technical, engineering, and financial industries, they guide the company with the benefit of diverse backgrounds in business, engineering, product development, transmission network operations, the military, marketing, and commercial banking.

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Ecoult's Executive Team

Our Network of Partners

Ecoult partners with local, international, and global businesses to achieve our goal of making UltraBattery a significant player in the energy storage revolution. Our partnerships are both technical and strategic, and are based on mutual trust and understanding.

Ecoult does business honestly and ethically, mirroring the culture of integrity found in our parent company, East Penn Manufacturing. We are active in markets all over the world, and have a reputation among our partners, competitors, and customers alike as a dependable and trustworthy global brand.

Our partners are companies we hold in high regard, and who we have found it exciting and fulfilling to work alongside to complete projects and meet technical challenges.

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Ecoult's Network of Partners