Ecoult is a registered brand of Xiamen Galaxy Camphol Technology Co., Ltd., a state-level high-tech company specializing in the new energy industry. It caters to energy storage, management of IoT solutions, and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging.

Ecoult currently has three Research and Development (R&D) centers in Beijing, Suzhou, and Xiamen. Its production bases are in Luoyang, Suzhou, and Xiamen.

It is a proud member of the OCA and OCPI. Ecoult has offered OCPP 1.6J full profiles, including smart charging and OCPP2.0 upgradable. It has been delivering state-of-the-art OCPP EV and E-bus charging solutions, DC fast chargers, smart AC chargers, OCPP gateway, and charging management systems that cater to both commercial and residential. It also has electric protections specifically for over temperature, lightning surge, ground fault, under voltage, short circuit, and the like.

The company also boasts about its phase rotation or dynamic phase balancing that permits the system to manage both three-phase and one-phase charging simultaneously. Hence, it significantly helps maximize the utilization of all available power while preventing any grid imbalance.

Ecoult supports multiple earthing schemes or installations like TN-C-S, TN-C, TN-S, and IT. It has a professional web configuration and dynamically distributes the output power in a system with other devices/gadgets, depending on the energy power available.

The company has been working on many government projects in South America, Europe, and China, along with its esteemed partners, namely energy utilities, gas/petrol stations, charging operators, and large distributors. Ecoult is dedicated to delivering consumers excellent service through its endless innovation and high-quality solutions that bring individuals a more comfortable and environment-friendly life.

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