The DC fast charger is made for quick and convenient charging of all Electric Vehicles (EVs). It is an ultrafast charger upgradeable from an entry-level 60kW unit to 150kW without modifying the station itself.

Check the list below for the Ecoult DV Fast Chargers in the market:


HY3 comes with an output power of up to 120kW with DC CCS-2 + CHAdeMO + 22kW AC Type-2 + 3.6kW Schuko outputs. It is mainly for charging electric buses. Its user-friendly interface has 4G/Wi-Fi/Ethernet communication, and the RFID card reader is TUV and CE certified.

HY3 is suited for fleet applications, car dealerships, retail or office locations, gas stations, and highway rest stops. It supports industry standards-based fast charging with a mixture of CCS, CHAdeMO, and AC charging, depending on the customer’s demands.


T08 has an output power of up to 150kW with dual CCS outputs. It is used for electric bus charging. It is a long-range and fast-charging EV charger. It supports CHAdeMO, CCS 2, CCS 1, and GB-T connectors. Its modularity allows a maximum charging power of up to 180kW and can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously.

It is entirely OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0 compliant, so you can effortlessly connect it to CCMS for remote management and monitoring. The load balancing feature makes it ideal for public and fleet use.

With Ecoult’s advanced load management technology, T08 can allocate output power if the station power is limited, making it easy for station management. 


IOCHY1 is a compact DC charging station mounted on the wall or floor. It permits a maximum of 60kW charge power, thus ensuring long endurance mileage for short-time charging. Its charging efficiency above 95% and low standby consumption make the cost-saving operation achievable.

With IOCHY1, you can do a smart charge using the latest OCPP. Dynamic load management prepares it for integration with advanced smart building energy or when the power source is limited.

Its ultra-compact design makes it safe and reliable for residential, workplace offices, public, etc.