Why is DC Monitoring Necessary for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are constantly increasing and are expected to grow even faster in the future. It will also compel the development of the charging station infrastructure, as DC charging stations are the first option when electric vehicles need charging in the fastest possible time. 

Relative to this, safety is the most crucial thing to consider when investing in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The primary function of a suitable EV charging station is to provide electrical protection for the operator and user. It must also provide security to the electrical infrastructure throughout the charging cycle and manage the risks of fire or electric shocks.

Fortunately, electric vehicle charging is generally safe and easy with proper and independently safety-certified pieces of equipment. A reliable and high-quality DC station should deliver the appropriate charging speed and protect against damage to the car battery and itself. Ecoult assures operators and consumers that with their products, they are safe and satisfied with their energy needs.

One electric vehicle with a battery will create DC fault currents that can put the usual earth-fault protection out of play. If one wants to avoid dangerous situations, there are two different solutions Ecoult customers can follow. 

One, install an earth fault protection called Type-B RCCB that can bear certain fault currents. Nonetheless, this solution might be expensive for some and needs a lot of space in the fuse box. Another one is to do DC monitoring. It is done by ensuring that the charging station’s safety unit is switched off if dangerous fault currents occur.

It is a much more practical and intelligent solution that would not require special protection in the fuse box. Thus, users are encouraged to choose a safe charging station with DC monitoring. The good thing is that Ecoult can help you with that!

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